BUIP176: Flexibility for Long-term Developers

BUIP176: Flexibility for Long-term Developers
Submitted by solex
30 September 2021


BU has benefited for almost six years through the dedication of several high-quality developers who have variously worked for BU on a volunteer basis or part-time or externally funded. In recent years all long-term developer funding has been made directly by BU. On the basis of a proven track record rolling consultancy agreements have therefore been made after the raising of relevant BUIPs (below). As mentioned in the proposal BUIP174: Funded Development, aka Devpool4, the global demand for high-quality blockchain engineers has exploded since late-2020 and renumeration has risen across the board to reflect this demand.

Long-term Development Consultancies

The current BU professional services arrangements in this category are listed below. These should be subject to funding flexibility on an annual basis to preserve BU’s ability to deliver research and optimum full-node software.

BUIP128: Fund the Developer

BUIP157: Continue Funding a Developer

BUIP158: Funding for SysAdmin/Developer

Flexibility of Arrangements

This BUIP proposes that the ceilings defined in existing long-term development BUIPs may be varied to an amount up to $125 per hour.

The BU President and Secretary will co-authorise consultancy variation at an appropriate annual basis. In the case of the resignation of any long-term developer, the funds authorised on this BUIP will revert to the consolidated fund, and a subsequent BUIP will need to be approved to offer long-term funded development to anyone else.

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