BUIP179: Ecosystem Outreach & Marketing for BU & On-chain Scaling 2022

BUIP179: Ecosystem Outreach & Marketing for BU & On-chain Scaling 2022
Submitted on 21st December 2021


Bitcoin Unlimited is one of the most important assets to the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. With a wealth of talented developers and members, a substantial war chest of financial resources, and a time-tested organisational structure, BU is in an excellent position to achieve its goals and push BCH forward.

2022 will be a big year for BU. Perhaps it’s biggest yet. With the launch of NEXA, a new bleeding edge UTXO-based cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Unlimited aims to push the boundaries of functionality and scalability in blockchain technology. There is a strong need to support this work to gain the most impact by making use of marketing initatives.


There will be two primary goals with this BUIP, and these goals align with Bitcoin Unlimited’s mission.

Consistent and high-quality communication between Bitcoin Unlimited and the BCH ecosystem.

This goal follows and builds upon the work done throughout 2021. By using resources to communicate BU’s core message and initiatives, not only to the BCH ecosystem but also to the wider cryptocurrency industry, BU’s impact can be amplified.

This will include:

  • Communication with members and the leadership of BU to understand what activities are happening within BU, and provide input where needed.
  • A continued active social presence across multiple relevant platforms (Twitter, Telegram, Reddit and LinkedIn).
  • Monthly podcasts including interviews, discussions and debates of BU leaders, members and other relevant guests.
  • Content written to communicate key messages from Bitcoin Unlimited to the wider BCH ecosystem.
  • Content written to provide broadly useful information for people new to Bitcoin Cash.
  • Management of the new Bitcoin Unlimited website.

Bring more developers into the BCH ecosystem.

This will be achieved through various initiatives including another CoinParty hackathon to get developers building on BCH, BUIP160 to create a more streamlined on-ramp system for developers new to BCH, BUIP161 to refresh the Bitcoin Unlimited website, and an in-person conference later in the year.

  • Management of BCH Dev on-ramp system project.
  • Other developer-focussed initiatives.

NEXA Initiatives

The new cryptocurrency that Bitcoin Unlimited is launching will also require a significant amount of resources for communication to make sure we can get as many developers as possible building on it. A large part of the resources earmarked by this BUIP will go towards this purpose.


Budget of £100,000 over a twelve-month period commencing from the date of vote. This funding will go towards the services that I and my staff provide to Bitcoin Unlimited. Payments are to be made monthly.

The elected BU officials: President, Secretary and Developer will jointly agree expenditures for this BUIP and will monitor progress through monthly reviews.

Expected Impact

By better communicating the excellent work that BU does within the ecosystem through the use of visually rich, digestible and branded messaging, BU will become an even more capable leader for the BCH ecosystem. It will allow BU to communicate complex but crucial subjects more effectively while reaching a wider audience. This BUIP will encourage further engagement and participation of not only the BU membership but also the wider BCH community in BU, which will offer significant advantages over the long-term.

By pulling in more developers into the BCH ecosystem, BU will gain access to the talented people it requires to achieve its vision for the future, a global peer-to-peer electronic cash. The BCH ecosystem in general will also gain enormously from having an ever increasing pool of talent. A stronger BCH will mean a stronger BU thanks to greater access to resources and funding.