BUIPxxx: Automatic update of member list

Submitted By: torusJKL
Date: 2022/08/18
Status: WIP


With the legacy voting system a list of the members past (expired) and present has been available.
e.g. the current one.

Since BU has moved to the new VotePeer system that list is not updated anymore.
Some members who have still an active membership are shown as expired and soon all members will be listed with an expired status.

As a result it is not possible to quickly check which members are still active.

What needs to be done?

We require a new list that will be updated based on the VotePeer participation of the members.

@solex please add this BUIP to the index.

@torusjkl Thank you for your post. You have highlighted a gap while we complete transition to VotePeer. However, this is an administrative matter which I have now taken care of by adding the last voting date and expiry status to the List of BU Member IDs on VotePeer.

If you had reached out to me first, I would have explained that we intend to support a voting history page on BU’s revamped website. This will obtain voting data via a rest-api query to the VotePeer webserver.

The website revamp project is being managed by @Singularity who would also be able to give a more detailed status on supporting historical voting info.

In the meantime I will manually update the last voted / expiry info after voting events. We do not require a membership decision on what is in progress.

Thanks for updating the list on this forum.
Looking forward to seeing the automatic update on the revamped website.