BU Goals & BCH's Place in the Project Queries

Disclaimer: I’m relatively new to BCH and BU but my team was responsible for the PR implementing ‘multiple OP_RETURN’ in the node software and am (I believe) aligned with the BU Articles of Federation. So I’m asking this to get a better understanding of BU’s position on BCH in evaluating BUIP 166. The questions are independent of the BUIP so I ask them here separately. Thanks for your consideration.

  1. Does the Bitcoin Unlimited node support any other block chain besides BCH presently? Can people still run it as a BTC node and, if so, is that “officially” supported?

  2. And does BCH have the primary role under the BU Articles of Federation as the means to carry out its goals or is it entirely neutral on that point and open to any & all crypto that fall within those goals? (I note that there’s no mention of BCH in the document and am not sure if some BUIP has created some special role for it or not since the articles were founded.)

Response to:

  1. Officially supporting a new or dropping support for a currently supported coin requires a BUIP. The coin BU started off supporting BTC as described in BUIP 001. BCH support was added in BUIP 063. Support for BSV features in the BCH client were added as part of the HF strategy described in BUIP 098. BUIP 113 rejected officially adding BSV support in its own client. BUIP 114 removed the support for BSV features in the BCH client. BUIP 115 dropped official support for BTC.

    Currently BU only officially supports BCH and has dropped continued support for the BTC client. The BTC client is still available for people to use if they so choose. It will still fully sync the BTC chain due to BTC’s aversion to HFs.

  2. The articles do not mention BCH because they were written quite a while before BCH forked from BTC. BU is committed to adhering to “Satoshi’s vision of a system that could scale up to a worldwide payment network and a decentralized monetary system” as stated in the articles. It does not specifically mention a coin on which to advance this goal because the coin best suited for that role may change over time. It was once BTC, now it is not. The users use the BUIP system to dictate the direction of the organisation including which coins to support in an effort to achieve BU’s stated goals.