BUIP 166: Launch a Chain for Proving Next Generation Features

fair enough, though I found “legal way” even more “cringey”, guess everyone has his own taste when it comes to this sort of stuff, but I can see your point.

that said, the wisdom I was referring to was exclusively related to the preservation of fund value, not the increase of it by any given chosen allocations, and just for the interval of time that goes from Aug '16 to mid 2017.

I raised this point just to remove BU fund topic from the discussion, because I found it a distraction and so that we could discuss the matter at hand pretending that there’s no such a pot floating around.

Never the fact that BU members’ wisdom would be “all mighty”, “all knowing” crossed my mind. I just found wise the decision to avoid any useless spending in the immediate aftermath of the donation (and I assure that that had been many attempts to do that).