BUIP168: Add support for Native Introspection CHIP

BUIP168: Add support for Native Introspection CHIP
Submitted by: Jonathan Silverblood
Date: 2021/06/05


Bitcoin Unlimited should take a positive public stance towards the Native Introspection CHIP and complete a working implementation in the Bitcoin Unlimited node software.


Bitcoin unlimited should:

  1. Publicly announce that they are in favor of activating support for Native Introspection on Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
  2. Set up a testnet where the Native Introspection can be demonstrated before the end of August.
  3. Help finalize a specification document based on, or as part of, the CHIP before the end of October.

For example, they could support CHIP-2021-02-Add-Native-Introspection-Opcodes.md · master · GeneralProtocols / Research / CHIPs · GitLab


Bitcoin Unlmited benefits from being an active participant in the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ecosystem, and should be proactive and take part in its development.


There are people in Bitcoin Unlimited who believe that it is getting stagnant, partly due to lack of BUIPs and BUIP engagement. It is undeniably the case that both of these metrics have gone down, but it is not clear what the reason for this result is.


This proposal should fit within existing approved budgets for Bitcoin Unlimited development.

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@JonathanSilverblood, I suggest you add a paragraph explaining “Native Introspection” in plain language so everyone can understand it, then supply some links for technical detail and outside expert opinion as to its pros-and-cons. Few people are up to speed with this as you are and you are asking for BU community feedback.

I guess one problem people forget that BU was set up to sample all ecosystem voices: users, investors, service providers, not just full-node developers.

This additional info would be valuable on the other CHIP BUIPs as well.

I have added a link to the CHIP itself, which is somewhat readable even for non-technical users.

For a historical look at the discussions so far, one can read on https://bitcoincashresearch.org/t/native-introspection-chip-discussion/307

is there an analysis of the security of adding the proposed opcodes? of their indispensability? are they preliminary to adding a looping function in the scripting language?

There is some information about the security in the risk section of the chip.

I can’t declare indispensability as it is subjective.

The introspection opcode is not intended to be for looping.

thanks for the reply Jonathan.