### Announcing the next BU Vote: 15-20 October 2021 ###

We advise Bitcoin Unlimited members that the next vote on BUIPs will be open for 5 calendar days in the window 15-20 October 2021.

Proposers of existing draft BUIPs are welcome to advise that their BUIP is ready for a membership vote. The deadline for BUIPs is midday UTC, 1st October 2021.

Development BUIPs

Operational BUIPs

Membership BUIP

Note: we will use the vote recording and counting system on the BU website.

A “### VOTE ###” thread will be created on 15 October 2021, however, this will redirect members to the voting page on the website. Ideally, the vote thread will only be for Q&A and comments about the voting process.

Parallel-run using VotePeer
The new BU-sponsored blockchain voting system will also be used in the October vote.
Discussion will follow in this thread about piloting VotePeer.
BU members willing to vote using two systems, please reply to this thread for setup on VotePeer.

VOTING FOR BUIPs 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 IS SET FOR 15 TO 20 OCTOBER 2021



For the upcoming vote to reflect the correct quorum, please take into account my signed resignation submitted 8 June 2021 to [email protected]

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Thank you, @freetrader, for the reminder. Unfortunately, that email address of ours has suffered from substantial spam for a long time and your message was overlooked.
I will reflect your decision in our voting system.

I confirm successful verification of your email message text.


Does VotePeer support only allowing a selected group of identities to vote (the BU members)?

And I assume that most here will get a new identity key on VotePeer.
What is the process to provide you with the new identity @solex ?

Hey @torusjkl!

Yes, VotePeer supports adding identities to an the election. It also support adding identities to groups that can be used when creating elections.

For the test run a new identity will be created when opening the android app.

We are currently working on process documentation for the test run: https://gitlab.com/nerdekollektivet/buip129-meta/-/issues/82

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Calling BU members! :phone:

Please advise whether you are interested in helping test the VotePeer application for this parallel run exercise. The more the better. Note that it is still necessary to cast a vote in the BU website voting system for the official count on this voting event. We will ask for UX/UI feedback afterwards in order to make improvements such that VotePeer can be used in following BU voting events.

As @jQrgen has mentioned to @torusjkl, we need to load up new identities into the Bitcoin Unlimited group on VotePeer. All we need at this stage is you to create an identity on VotePeer (android app or https://voter.cash website) and obtain a bech32 address for signing votes.
For verification reasons, please post your new VotePeer id and public address in a reply to this thread.

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Thanks, @79b79aa8 for this.

Great stuff!

All other members, please post your generated address from the VotePeer app under menu->“identity” to participate in the VotePeer-October test election:


If you have any questions, bug reports or feedback, feel free to post in this thread or the VotePeer telegram group.

WARNING: Do not send large amounts of funds to the VotePeer app. The app is now in a test phase and not stable yet, loss of funds may occur. Also: there is no direct functionality to send funds from VotePeer now. Mnemonic can be exported.

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this is the identity I just created with the VotePeer app


@solex do I need to sign this new identity with my “old”/“usual” voting key ?

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This is my identity on VotePeer:

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Yes. We will all do this before a full go-live cutover for future voting events, but it is not essential for the parallel run at this October 2021 event.


The VotePeer test group comprises these identities so far:
VotePeer Bitcoin Unlimited G1 Group

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I jolted down a: BU_TEST_README.md

Please reply here or contact me here if anything is unclear, confusing or not working.

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My Identity from VotePeer Test Identity:


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Thanks @AdrianX, I have added you to the BU group G1
Three final BUIPs are open for voting on VotePeer.

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I dont like the fact that the app uses BCH payment, this is another privacy concern, I’m exposing a link to my payment history and potentially my BCH stash.

If making a payment is non negotiable, One way around that is to have a BCH pool of funds that get sent to members to vote with. All blockchain analytics would then trace back to BU.

One major item of feedback from the parallel-run is to change the funding model, so that the election host pre-funds the election and no participant needs any funds. This will be the case next time. In theory, the voting app could support addresses from other crypto as well, but that is a new point for discussion.

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