BUIP172: Evaluate CHIP-2021-05-vm-limits: Targeted Virtual Machine Limits

BUIP172: Evaluate CHIP-2021-05-vm-limits: Targeted Virtual Machine Limits
Submitted by: Jonathan Silverblood
Date: 2021/06/05


Bitcoin Unlimited should complete an evaluation and provide a statement on CHIP-2021-05-vm-limits: Targeted Virtual Machine Limits.


Bitcoin unlimited should take a more active role and help evaluate, provide feedback on and suggest improvement to the targeted virtual machine limits CHIP. If deemed necessary, Bitcoin Unlimited should provide a alternative CHIP focusing on the same or similar issues.

Here a link to the chip for convenience: GitHub - bitjson/bch-vm-limits: By fixing poorly-targeted limits, we can make Bitcoin Cash contracts more powerful (without increasing validation costs).


Bitcoin Unlmited benefits from being an active participant in the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ecosystem, and should be proactive and take part in its development.


The targeted virtual machine limit CHIP has the potential to cause damage if implemented under incorrect assumptions. Not enough attention have been put towards the verification of the assumptions in the chip, and there is a limited number of people with the technical talent available to confidently do such verification. Bitcoin Unlimited is likely one of the organizations that have such talent.


Bitcoin Unlimited should allocate up to 120 hours worth of a market-rate cost if this BUIP does not fall under existing mandates.