BUIP Index 2015 - 2024

BUIP001: (passed founders) “Unlimited” inspired extensions to the Bitcoin Client

BUIP002: (passed 17:0:0) Multi-BIP Scaling Enabler

BUIP003: (passed) Andrew Quentson (Aquent) for Secretary

BUIP004: (passed 17:0:0) RBF/double spending support

BUIP005: (passed 15:2:0) Settings information via coinbase-txn & user-agent

BUIP006: (rejected 9:5:0) Blocktorrent – a torrent-style block data transport

BUIP007: (rejected) Lee Adams (redditchampsys) for president

BUIP008: (passed) Vote Andrew Stone for Developer

BUIP009: (draft) User-configurable public-key cryptography (let users choose from predefined cryptosystems)

BUIP010: (passed 17:0:0) Xtreme Thinblocks

BUIP011: (passed) Andrew Clifford for President

BUIP012: (rejected) Vote Trevin Hofmann for President

BUIP013: (passed 13:2:0) Upgrade alert system so that Bitcoin Unlimited can send message alerts to nodes

BUIP014: (passed crowdfunded) Testing a BU X-Relay Network for Miners in China

BUIP015: (draft) Decentralize mining with the FAIR PoW algorithm and an user-configurable PoW setting -

BUIP016: (passed 14:0:0) Consensus with Classic on txn size limit

BUIP017: (passed 14:0:0) Datastream Compression

BUIP018: (passed 13:0:0) Bitnodes Seeding and User-Configurable DNS Seeds

BUIP019: (voted) New Members for Election #1

BUIP020: (draft) Implement bit-0 soft-forks (BIPs 9,68,112,113)

BUIP021: (draft) Proposal for implementation of node performance testing and safe block size estimation and broadcast

BUIP022: (draft) XInv

BUIP023: (passed 15:1:0) Miner block creation latency optimization

BUIP024: (draft) Extension Blocks with Address Sharding

BUIP025: (passed crowdfunded) BU “Bronze Sponsor” at Scaling Bitcoin, Milan, Italy

BUIP026: (passed 18:0:0) Bounties for Software Exploits

BUIP027: (passed 13:0:0) Satoshi’s Vision - Development & Scaling Conference

BUIP028: (rejected) Candidacy for Secretary role - digitsu

BUIP029: (rejected) Vote Trevin Hofmann for Secretary

BUIP030: (rejected 13:0:0) Website Enhancements at bitcoinunlimited.info

BUIP031: (voted) New Members for Election #2

BUIP032: (passed) Vote Peter R for Secretary

BUIP033: (passed 17:0:0) Parallel Validation

BUIP034: (passed 18:0:0) Ecosystem Outreach for Onchain Scaling

BUIP035: (passed 17:0:0) New Bitcoin Unlimited Website

BUIP036: (voted) New Members for Election #3

BUIP037: (draft) Hardfork SegWit

BUIP038: (rejected 3:13:0) Revert “Sticky gate”

BUIP039: (draft) Upgrade via extension point

BUIP040: (passed 12:4:0) Emergent Consensus Parameters and Defaults for >1MB blocks

BUIP041: (rejected 10:6:0) (BUIP038 Counter): Prevent Minority Hash Power From Injecting Very Large Blocks into the Blockchain

BUIP042: (voted) New Members for Election #4

BUIP043: (rejected 6:16:1) Exploring the Bitcoin Network

BUIP044: (draft) Development Process

BUIP045: (draft) Unified addresses format for BUIP037

BUIP046: (passed 23:0:1) Faster, Higher Quality Publication Process for the Bitcoin Research Journal Ledger

BUIP047: (passed 22:1:0) The Future of Bitcoin - Development & Scaling Conference

BUIP048: (voted) New Members for Election #5

BUIP049: (rejected 9:8:1) Amend AoC to change membership period

BUIP050: (rejected 13:1:1) Double yes with tie-break question

BUIP051: (passed 16:3:0) Add CompactBlocks support

BUIP052: (passed 19:1:0) Set up dedicated Continuous Integration

BUIP053: (rejected 12:0:4) Tweakable client DoS responses

BUIP054: (rejected 11:6:1) Make AD optional and disabled by default

BUIP055: (passed 21:0:0) Increase the Block Size Limit at a Fixed Block Height

BUIP056: (passed 16:3:1) Increase the Block Size Limit triggered by a support threshold

BUIP057: (passed 13:1:4) Add BIP135 support (BIP9+)

BUIP058: (withdrawn) Dynamic checkpoints

BUIP059: (draft) Make “sticky gate” optional (disabled by default)

BUIP060: (voted) New Members for Election #6

BUIP061: (reserved) For @LIN Zheming

BUIP062: (passed 24:0:0) Funded Development, aka Devpool

BUIP063: (passed 23:0:0) Support Bitcoin Cash with an official implementation

BUIP064: (rejected 13:8:2) Support Segwit2x with an official implementation

BUIP065: (passed 21:2:0) Gigablock Testnet Initiative

BUIP066: (passed 24:0:0) Ecosystem Outreach for Onchain Scaling, Part II

BUIP067: (voted) New Members for Election #7

BUIP068: (passed 24:0:1) Satoshi’s Vision 2 - Conference

BUIP069: (rejected 6:14:6) Academic paper - Mining, Taxation and Public Goods in Bitcoin

BUIP070: (passed 15:4:2) Support BitPay’s new Bitcoin Cash address format in BUCash

BUIP071: (passed 21:0:2) Make Bitcoin Cash the “Release” Version of Bitcoin Unlimited

BUIP072: (passed 14:3:3) Partially re-weight BU’s funds towards BCH

BUIP073: (rejected 8:10:3) Fully re-weight BU’s funds towards BCH

BUIP074: (passed 20:0:2) Sell the Bitcoin Gold portion of BU’s funds for BCH

BUIP075: (passed 16:3:2) BUIP075: Counter BUIP of BUIP071

BUIP076: (passed 17:1:3) Support Base32 address format in BUCash

BUIP077: (passed 19:0:3) Enable representative tokens via OP_GROUP on Bitcoin Cash

BUIP078: (passed 21:0:1) Enable Binary Contracts in Bitcoin Cash via OP_DATASIGVERIFY

BUIP079: (draft) Publication of BUIP vote and election dates in advance

BUIP080: (voted) New Members for Election #8

BUIP081: (rejected 18:0:4) Unambiguous definition of 1 year membership period

BUIP082: (passed 16:2:3) Opt-in Malleability Fix

BUIP083: (passed 19:0:0) Andrew Clifford for President

BUIP084: (passed 17:0:1) Secure BCH coin splitting instructions

BUIP085: (passed 21:0:0) Double spend relaying

BUIP086: (passed 17:1:3) bitcoincash: URI format update

BUIP087: (passed 14:7:2) Utilization of “cash” denomination

BUIP088: (passed 12:2:6) Double-spend proof creation and forwarding

BUIP089: (passed 21:0:0) Blockchain Engineer Services Contract

BUIP090: (voted) New Members for Election #9

BUIP091: (passed 22:3:5) Move the official BU repository and issue tracker to GitLab

BUIP092: (passed 31:0:1) Workshop on Instant Transactions for Bitcoin

BUIP093: (passed 26:1:4) Graphene v.2 Improvements and Extensions

BUIP094: (passed 21:8:2) BCH November upgrade - Re-enable OP Codes

BUIP095: (passed 20:10:2) BCH November upgrade - CHECKDATASIG & CHECKDATASIGVERIFY

BUIP096: (rejected 5:24:3) BCH November upgrade - Enforced lexicographic transaction ordering

BUIP097: (voted) New Members for Election #10

BUIP098: (passed 30:2:2) Bitcoin Unlimited’s Strategy for the November 2018 Hard Fork

BUIP099: (omitted)

BUIP100: (omitted)

BUIP101: (rejected 16:17:0) Set the default value of max blocksize cap (hard limit) to 10 terabyte

BUIP102: (draft) Set the default value of max blocksize cap (hard limit) to infinity

BUIP103: (passed 17:8:7) Let’sBuildBCH! @ Satoshi’s Coffee-house - Conference

BUIP104: (passed 27:0:6) Re-elect Peter Rizun for BU Secretary

BUIP105: (voted) New Members for Election #11

BUIP106: (withdrawn) License Bitcoin Unlimited software under GPLv3

BUIP107: (draft) Sell the BCH portion of BU’s funds for BSV

BUIP108: (rejected 4:18:2) Support for the BCH and BSV chains

BUIP109: (passed 20:2:3) Andrew Stone for Developer

BUIP110: (passed 25:0:1) Funded Development, aka Devpool2

BUIP111: (draft) Use BTC over BCH or BSV

BUIP112: (voted) New Members for Election #12

BUIP113: (rejected 8:18:0) Support Bitcoin SV with an Official Implementation

BUIP114: (passed 19:9:1) Drop support for the BSV HF Config Parameters in BUCash

BUIP115: (passed 17:3:2) Drop support for BTC

BUIP116: (rejected 14:5:3) Articles of Federation Clarification

BUIP117: (draft) Open Letter from BU members to the BCH / BSV communities

BUIP118: (passed 11:6:5) Implement CashAccount lookup features

BUIP119: (passed 11:6:5) Implement sending to CashAccount

BUIP120: (passed 21:0:2) Replace LevelDB with an immutable stateless storage design

BUIP121: (passed 13:6:4) Create formal specifications

BUIP122: (rejected 3:16:6) Remove Norway from membership

BUIP123: (rejected 8:15:5) Remove imaginary_username from membership

BUIP124: (voted) New Members for Election #13

BUIP125: (passed 14:6:1) Remove Norway from membership

BUIP126: (passed 17:2:3) Planet-on-a-LAN stress test model network

BUIP127: (rejected 10:10:1) Partially re-weight funds, 50% BTC to BCH

BUIP128: (passed 20:2:0) Fund the Developer

BUIP129: (passed 16:3:1) Finish and Productize the BU Voting System

BUIP130: (voted) New Members for Election #14

BUIP131: (passed 14:0:2) Bobtail Prototype Extending Storm on Bitcoin Unlimited

BUIP132: (passed 12:2:0) Ecosystem Outreach & Marketing for BU & On-chain Scaling

BUIP133: (draft) Electron Cash Improvements

BUIP134: (passed 16:0:0) Fund another Developer

BUIP135: (passed 16:0:0) Use OKCoin Donation to fund DoubleSpend Proofs

BUIP136: (passed 12:0:0) Andrew Clifford for president

BUIP137: (passed 16:0:0) Funded development (aka Devpool3)

BUIP138: (passed 15:0:0) Fund BU’s Chief Scientist

BUIP139: (no quorum) Multiple OP_RETURN with less rules

BUIP140: (passed 3:0:3) Multiple OP_RETURN with shared size limit

BUIP141: (rejected 3:11:3) Restrict voting rights for Non-publicly identified members

BUIP142: (rejected 9:7:1) Create Bitcoin Cash testdata

BUIP143: (passed 16:0:2) Refuse the Coinbase Tax

BUIP144: (draft) Voluntary pay out to config list of addresses from mined block coinbases

BUIP146: (passed 17:0:2) Additional funding for bitcoin cash specification

BUIP146: (rejected 4:5:5) Add config parameter to delay mining transactions

BUIP147: (passed 14:2:2) Fund Developer 2

BUIP148: (passed 14:4:0) Ecosystem Outreach & Marketing for BU & On-chain Scaling 2

BUIP149: (rejected 0:5:9) Delimited OP_RETURNs

BUIP150: (passed 12:0:1) B.U. Incorporated office admin

BUIP151: (passed 14:0:0) Further Development of the Bobtail/Storm Protocol

BUIP152: (passed 12:1:0) Announcing Wally Wallet

BUIP153: (passed 13:0:1) BU Blockparty - Let’s Get Building On Bitcoin Cash!

BUIP154: (passed 13:0:0) Re-elect Peter R for BU Secretary

BUIP155: (voted) New Members for Election #15

BUIP156: (passed 13:0:0) Andrew Stone For Developer

BUIP157: (passed 13:0:0) Continue Funding a Developer

BUIP158: (passed 13:0:0) Funding for SysAdmin/Developer

BUIP159: (passed 10:0:0) Ecosystem Outreach & Marketing for BU & On-chain Scaling 2021

BUIP160: (passed 9:0:0) BCH Developer On-ramp System

BUIP161: (passed 9:0:0) Bitcoin Unlimited Website Refresh

BUIP162: (passed 10:0:1) The BU Mining Reward Guarantee

BUIP163: (passed 12:0:0) Ongoing Publication Grant to the Journal Ledger

BUIP164: (voted) New Members for Election #16

BUIP165: (reserved)

BUIP166: (passed 13:6:2) Launch a Chain for Proving Next Generation Features

BUIP167: (passed 10:0:0) Hire talent to conduct consensus building work

BUIP168: (passed 9:0:0) Add support for Native Introspection CHIP

BUIP169: (passed 10:0:0) Add support for larger integers

BUIP170: (passed 6:0:3) Implement CHIP 2021-01 Restrict Transaction Version

BUIP171: (passed 6:0:3) Implement CHIP 2021-01 Allow Transactions to be smaller in size

BUIP172: (passed 60:3) Evaluate CHIP-2021-05-vm-limits: Targeted Virtual Machine Limits

BUIP173: (passed 4:1:5) Join and support BMP for BCH development

BUIP174: (passed 11:0:0) Funded Development, aka Devpool4

BUIP175: (passed 12:0:0) Taking VotePeer from Prototype to Production

BUIP176: (passed 11:0:0) Flexibility for Long-term Developers

BUIP177: (voted) New Members for Election #16

BUIP178: (passed 8:1:1) NEXA Official Website

BUIP179: (passed 10:1:0) Ecosystem Outreach & Marketing for BU & On-chain Scaling 2022

BUIP180: (passed 9:0:1) Andrew Clifford for President

BUIP181: (passed 9:1:0) BU Mobile Wallet Project

BUIP182: (passed 14:1:2) Fund Rostrum Electrum server development

BUIP183: (passed 13:0:4) Re-elect Peter R for BU Secretary

BUIP184: (passed 8:1:0) Nexa Marketing Budget

BUIP185: (passed 6:2:0) Nexa Infrastructure & Strategy

BUIP186: (tied - no result 4:4:0) Mid-Tier Exchange Listing Fee

BUIP187: (passed 7:1:0) CashScript Port To Nexa

BUIP188: (reserved)

BUIP189: (passed 8:1:0) Token Minting Tool - Basic

BUIP190: (passed 9:0:0) B.U. Team NEX Vesting Rewards

BUIP191: (passed 5:3:0) Nexa Growth Plan Community Funded Projects

BUIP192: (passed 8:0:0) Andrew Stone for Developer

BUIP193: (passed 9:0:0) Bitcoin Unlimited be a “Customer” for a student project at NTNU

BUIP194: (passed 9:0:0) Flexibility for Long-term Developers 2023

BUIP195: (passed 7:1:0) Nexa UltraScale Testnet Initiative

BUIP196: (passed 6:0:0) Marketing Team Budget Increase

BUIP197: (passed 9:0:0) BIPs32-39-44 HD functions for Falcon PQC - Public Bounty

BUIP198: (passed 6:1:0) Ledger Embedded App Development

BUIP199: (passed) NexScript Phase 2

BUIP200: (passed) Tokenize Phase 2

BUIP201: (passed) NEXA 1st Hackathon

BUIP202: (passed) Hire additional developers

BUIP203: (passed) Andrew Clifford for B.U. President

BUIP204 (draft) B.U. Participation in the Australian Crypto Convention 2024

BUIP205: (draft) Fund Bitcoin Unlimited and Nexa Marketing and Social Media Hires

BUIP206: (draft) New Members for Election #17

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BUIPs are added to this list if proposed or sponsored by a BU member.