BUIP205: Fund Bitcoin Unlimited and Nexa Marketing and Social Media Hires

BUIP205: Fund Bitcoin Unlimited and Nexa Marketing and Social Media Hires
Submitted by Andrew Stone


A new marketing/social media strategy is needed due to the departure of a few individuals. Additionally, existing BUIPs funding marketing people and activities have ended or are ending this quarter. This proposal ensures that we will be able to continue our initiatives to raise awareness about Nexa and other Bitcoin Unlimited activities.


A budget will be allocated to hire three roles:

Marketing Manager (MM):

  • Overall marketing strategy, manage all marketing initiatives including but not limited to: listings, confs, hack-a-thons, interviews, social media, memes, NFTs, etc.
  • Manage the following 2 roles & is the ultimate manager for any other people retained temporarily or casually (specific channel admins, etc).

Note, at the discretion of the officers, hiring this role may be delayed (until Nexa technology offerings solidify).

Social Media Manager (SMM):

  • Responsible for implementing social media initiatives & being a general, calm, reassuring SM presence.
  • Manage, appoint and team lead Channel Admins (CA) & out-of-hours moderators.
  • Liaison to Channel Admins & drops into various channels when needed.
  • May take on other interesting social projects (hack-a-thons, conferences, etc).
  • Direct review of and collection of suggestions from the community for improvements to our end-user products and web sites.

Note that this role is currently filled by “Endo” (telegram@ultrasoundape).

Visuals & Memes Manager (VMM)

  • General creation of Nexa memes, NFTs and other graphics.
  • Work with MM & SMM to provide a continual influx of meme graphics.
  • Publish meme graphics to social media for others to use.
  • Create Nexa themed NFTs and an NFT series.
  • Show NFT activity on Telegram, creating new NFTs, offering them for sale & providing support to others when needed.
  • Jump in to general (non graphical) social media activities periodically or when needed
  • Work on an as-needed basis with other people for GFX in other BU/Nexa-related projects.

Additionally, this BUIP covers expenses related to the above activities. However, a major marketing initiative (such as a conference) may still require its own BUIP if it cannot fit within this budget.


This BUIP is limited to USD $300 thousand per year, to be authorized by the BU officers. However, it is expected that actual spend will be significantly below that amount until we are fully staffed and full marketing activities begin.

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