BUIP178: NEXA Official Website

BUIP178: NEXA Official Website
Submitted on 21st December 2021


Bitcoin Unlimited is launching a new cryptocurrency called NEXA in 2022 which will bring new advanced technologies not seen on other blockchains. A major goal for NEXA in 2022 will be to pull in as many talented developers as possible. This means an official website is going to be needed as an information hub. The website will be at nexa.org. It is needed to:

  • convey the key messages,
  • provide key resources,
  • funnel people to the right places.


Create a website of comparable quality and content to ethereum.org

Convey Key Messages

  • Purpose of NEXA
  • NEXA goals
  • NEXA roadmap
  • NEXA properties
  • NEXA governance structure

Provide Key Resources

  • NEXA tools & infrastructure
  • Educational resources for consumers
  • Educational resources for developers
  • Blog for news
  • Grants

Funnel People To The Right Place

  • Further educational resources
  • Further tools and infrastructure
  • Communities
  • Official NEXA channels
  • Newsletter


  • A detailed project specification.
  • A complete website design.
  • The website code and other assets, hosted by the BU org on gitlab.
  • Minimum viable educational content.


Budget: $26,000. This will go towards research ($2,000), design ($5,000), development ($8,000), content ($8,000) and management ($3,000) of this project to build a website that achieves the goals detailed above.

The elected BU officials: President, Secretary and Developer, will jointly agree expenditures for this project.

Expected Impact

The NEXA website will act as a hub for all key information that developers, users, investors and business might need to learn about NEXA. It will also act as a funnel to direct people to where they are needed most.