BUIP184: Nexa Marketing Budget

BUIP184: Nexa Marketing Budget
submitted by Singularity
date 28 Dec 2022


Bitcoin Unlimited has now successfully launched Nexa. It has some of the foundation now in-place and has organically grown a small but active community around it. It will soon be listed on exchanges and more resources will be going into making developers, users, investors and businesses aware of its existence and benefits.

It is important that to cover a number of duties that relate to bringing awareness to BU and Nexa, and these include:

  • Content creation,
  • Graphic design,
  • Social media management,
  • Community management,
  • Video creation and editing,
  • Interview hosting.

The quantity of work to manage all these activities, especially community management and social media management has risen to become beyond what one person can manage. If we are to scale the quality and quantity of our marketing and communication activities then I believe it is necessary to expand and divide some of these responsibilities across a set of new roles:

  • Marketing Manager,
  • Community Manager,
  • Graphic designer.

I am willing to act as manager for the people contracted for these new roles to keep the marketing of Nexa inline with the growth proposal describe HERE.


The objective of this project is to significantly increase awareness of Nexa within the existing crypto community. At this early stage it will be difficult to reach outside the crypto industry, therefore the best ROI for building a community and investor-base will come from people already involved in the industry.


Budget of $100,000 over a twelve-month period commencing from the date of the successful passing of the vote.

The elected BU officials: President, Secretary and Developer will jointly agree expenditures for this BUIP and will monitor progress through monthly reviews.

Expected Impact

By increasing awareness of Nexa, it will:

  • grow the active community,
  • bring in more developers and other talented people,
  • generate new opportunities,
  • Increase the number of people using the network,
  • Increase the number of people invested in Nexa.
  • Bring more users to the tools and services created for Nexa, thereby enabling faster feedback cycle time.

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