The Nexa Growth Plan Proposals


This article is itself not a BUIP but rather exists to weave the multiple BUIPs I am proposing together into a coherent whole. This coherent whole is the Nexa growth plan and B.U. is of course a key stakeholder in it. The second most important stakeholder group is the Nexa community, and they will also play a pivotal role in funding and supporting it.

Nexa Growth Plan Proposal

The Nexa growth plan is my proposal to take Nexa from its current sapling form to a much more establish cryptocurrency with strong roots.

The full proposal in the PDF below involves funding and resources from both Bitcoin Unlimited and Nexa community.

Major High-level Goals

  • Expose Nexa to a significant number of new investors.
  • Build the Nexa brand.
  • Introduce Nexa to more developers.
  • Provide new token tools to provide a fast path to the tokonomy on Nexa.
  • Provide a fast path to new smart-contract usage by providing smart-contract tools.

Major Metric Goals

By the end of 2023 we should have:

8,000 Discord Members.

8,000 Telegram Members.

20,000 Twitter followers.

100 Developers building on Nexa.

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$100,000 - Nexa Marketing Budget

£100,000 - Nexa Infrastructure & Strategy

$50,000 - Mid-Tier Exchange Listing Fee

$30,000 - CashScript Port To Nexa

$30,000 - FPGA Miner Project

$10,000 - Token Minting Tool - Basic

$340,000 - Total

It’s clear from the budget above that this will be quite a jump in spending for B.U. I believe that this is a sensible use of funds to bring Nexa out of its current nascent phase and into something bigger, more sustainable and successful. If B.U. also has a significant holding in Nexa then the success of this growth plan will also bolster its financial position and potentially even significantly outweigh the costs of the plan itself.

Achievements So Far

A healthy, active and committed community.

2300 Discord Members.

940 Telegram Members.

910 Twitter followers.

2 mining pools.

2 different open-source mining software options.

*Numerous developers learning about and building on Nexa.


this is a fantastic plan, with amazing attention to detail! :+1:

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Looks very decent outlined from A to Z. Hope BU will vote aye and thus release the full potential of Nexa