BUIP193: Bitcoin Unlimited be a “Customer” for a student project at NTNU

BUIP193: Bitcoin Unlimited be a “Customer” for a student project at NTNU
submitted by dagurval
date 15 Mar 2023


As part of a computer science degree at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) the students take a course in a subject called "Customer Driven Project”. This is a “learning by doing” project where a group of students get hands on experience by doing all phases of a development of a project for a full semester. Preliminary studies, requirements specification, design, implementation, and evaluation. I did this project as part of my degree as well.


On behalf of Bitcoin Unlimited, I’d like to take the role as a customer and work in collaboration with a group of 5 - 7 students to create something useful for Nexa or Bitcoin Cash (or both).

We will get a group of computer science students at fourth year of their study that will work for us on a project of our choosing for a full semester. The result is likely to be a good and useful product (no guarantee). For the students that are motivated to pick us as customer it will be a great introduction to developing with us and blockchain development in general.

The project

TBD. Comments with suggestion welcome.

The scope of the project is one semester and the level of complexity needs to be for students at fourth year of a computer science degree. A student group also has to pick our proposal amongst many others.

See Customer Driver projects at NTNU website


Upper estimate for me is 5 hours per week for one semester. This includes proposing a project and presenting the proposal, meeting and advising the students at least once per week and being available for them for questions and requests. The students are required by NTNU to work for free.

For this BUIP, I propose a budget of $15 000 for upper estimate.

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is this officially the 1st Nexa hackathon?? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: