BUIP185: Nexa Infrastructure & Strategy

BUIP185: Nexa Infrastructure & Strategy
submitted by Singularity
date 28 Dec 2022


Nexa has now been successfully launched and has some barebones infrastructure that allows it to function. It is now important that we take Nexa from this embryonic stage to an ecosystem that is fleshed out to a have much more stability, utility and therefore value.

While my previous focus has been in bringing awareness to Nexa and B.U., and this will of course continue to be a high priority for Nexa in general, I feel that in 2023 my time will be best spent on making sure key infrastructure is built to a high standard as part of a holistic plan to grow the ecosystem.

Nexa will need excellent products, tools and services for users, businesses and developers if it is to establish itself as a serious competitor in the cryptocurrency space. The quicker we can put these key pieces of the ecosystem in place, the faster Nexa will grow.


  • An industry-leading Nexa wallet.
  • A beautiful and simple webapp to produce Nexa tokens for unspecific use-cases.
  • A beautiful and simple webapp to produce Nexa tokens for specific use-cases such as:
    • Tickets,
    • ICO tokens,
    • Voting tokens,
    • Reward tokens,
    • Financial tokens.
  • Create a port of CashScript for Nexa called NexScript.
  • Create a USD stablecoin token on Nexa.
  • Create an instant transaction service on Nexa.
  • Expand the nexa.org website with useful information for new users and developers.

I will of course not be building all this infrastructure on my own. My role will cover strategy, product design, project management, and I will work closely with the marketing team to maximise the impact of these services. Different projects will require different resources, and there are BUIPs I am submitting to cover the other needed resources for each of these projects.

Expected Impact

Key pieces of infrastructure for users, businesses and developers will be built quickly and to a high standard. This will lay the next layer of foundation necessary to bring in a new wave of participants into the Nexa ecosystem. It will show off some of the huge potential hidden inside the Nexa protocol and establish Nexa as a true competitor to the top 10 cryptocurrencies. Of course, we are aiming much higher than just being a top cryptocurrency, but achieving this will act as a stepping stone to achieve our long-term goals.


I am requesting £100,000 for 12 months of work starting on 1st February 2023. The elected BU officials: President, Secretary and Developer will jointly agree expenditures for this BUIP and will monitor progress through monthly reviews.


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I’d like to have some concrete goals in this BUIP. There are a LOT of different products suggested here. Which will be done within this budget, this year, and which will be ongoing?

I feel like this is more of a pile-it-all-in BUIP and we could get lost in the chaos ending with lots of half done projects. So I want to hear more about priorities and goals within this pile of ideas.

This BUIP is to cover my full-time work on Nexa in 2023. It doesn’t include the cost of completing the projects listed. Each of these will have their own BUIPs (or already do in the case of the wallet, the token minting tool, the cashscript port and the Nexa website) but do not have my costs included in them.

To be clear, none of the funds of BUIP184 will go towards myself and will instead go to other people to cover the roles described in it.

There are already stated goals for the projects that already have BUIPs for them. Would you also like me to add goals for the projects that will be started later in the year and do not yet have BUIPs?

ah, ok this clears things up. I’m fine with this BUIP as is, in the understanding that it is to support your work full time on Nexa!