BUIP192: Andrew Stone for Developer

I would like to continue my efforts as Developer. We have made great progress, launching Nexa with exciting features, and encouraging BCH to adopt transaction introspection and native tokens! But there is a lot more to do.

We need to build out the Nexa infrastructure, and continue to add features; both at the blockchain level and with wallets and tools that use and showcase these features. Please see our roadmap for details.

My Philosophy:

As BU developer, its my job to both steer the direction of Bitcoin Unlimited’s technology, to work on my own development work (around Nexa and BCH), and to generally encourage cryptocurrency adoption. I believe that BU needs to broaden our focus beyond the full node, since the most valuable thing anyone could be doing right now is working towards end-user use and adoption (and we made great steps doing that in the last few years)! But we now have the ability to fully realize that vision in Nexa.

My Development Work:

In my last BUIP application for Developer, I mentioned work on a few technologies: cashlib, a Kotlin wallet library, Wally Wallet, and cryptographic identity. All of these technologies have continued and are in use in Nexa (and BCH to a lesser extent), in various maturity levels. I will continue to build these apps and tools to make robust and mature, and create additional apps to both showcase Nexa features, and offer use cases and end-user adoption for the cryptocurrency.


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