BUIP204 B.U. Participation in the Australian Crypto Convention 2024

BUIP204 B.U. Participation in the Australian Crypto Convention 2024
Submitted by Andrew Clifford
18 Jan 2024

This BUIP is requesting Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) membership approval for operational funds to participate in a significant way at the Australian Crypto Convention on 23-24 November 2024. This series of crypto conferences is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, and draws in global interest.

After three years of development, launch and continuous enhancements, Nexa will be more than ready to make a splash at a major crypto conference. This BUIP proposes buying a sponsorship package in order to deploy Nexa branding. Ideally, it will be seen by most of the 10,000+ attendees. Hiring a stand will also permit a demonstration of Nexa’s prototype FPGA for highly accelerated signature verification, and enable the attendees to meet the BU team.

The primary objective here is to bring awareness to Nexa, as the most advanced cryptocurrency of the Satoshi-UTXO type. As well as scalability and performance, native tokens, the powerful features of NexScript, should be featured.
At this time, the token and scripting functionality in the full node and Wally wallets, Tokenize app, token visibility on the explorer, etc., will help bootstrap real-world usage of Nexa. It will help maintain momentum from the parallel marketing strategy in place.


ACC sponsorship at a strong level
Stand rental, demo hardware, graphics and signage, displays
Expenses for the BU consultants who represent Nexa and BU at this event
Maximum spend US$100k.


vote for BUIP204: YES