Confirmed List of BU Member IDs on VotePeer

VotePeer now supports importing private keys. I will be using my Bitcoin Unlimited membership address for voting.

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great, will do the same!

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They key I’m going to use for this voting session is:

(legacy address format: 1LwvkQTWmotqTosgBcK8kFPCKzW2BPiE1G)

(I’m going to update the list contained in the first post)

I entered my VotePeer address into, and I see it has a balance.
I have a question/s

Do I have that private key?
Where did the BCH come from?
Assuming it gets used in the voting, where does it go?


Do I have that private key?

It’s in the VotePeer app that I presume you installed last vote(?). Did you backup the mnemonic phrase? How did you get AdrianX’s votepeer identity @solex?

If you don’t have it, you can still vote manually with your BU member signing address.

Where did the BCH come from?

I sent some to all participants so that they would have a balance to vote with :-).

Assuming it gets used in the voting, where does it go?

It’s only used to pay for the transaction fees, any unused amount goes back to the votepeer identity address.

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I can confirm that @AdrianX 's address is the one provided here:

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Thanks, I have the backup. I had forgotten. (first feedback :grinning: a pet peeve is backup wallets that give you the 12 words but doesn’t specify the derivation path it would be great to show that on the backup screen so users could restore the wallet using tools like BIP39 - Mnemonic Code

Do I understand this correctly? A transaction usually has a destination and a fee, VotePeer transaction just have information and a fee? Coins don’t actually get sent. Just a fee to send data to the blockchain is sent?

AdrianX 1d3ePRadbB5xfkMjU7UFvxQ1CrVK5CUKE 18 Aug 2022


AdrianX is using the following VotePeer public key bitcoincash:qzq9wpght3pp2ssmnzzdw4emckscx7mqkv0dyqs4h0



User error again.

I longed in to see how everything worked when i discovered i still had my Votepeer ID.

I Didn’t do anything as I thought i needed to uncover my BU identity key.

Today I tried to vote below is what i see:

I launched app went to website scanned QR logged in (I though all was working well so far.)

I looked on my phone to vote. this is the screen I expected to be able to vote from.

I then thought maybe I am superposed to vote from the election web page.
Below is what i see:

Screenshot 2022-09-18 at 19-47-36 VotePeer - Dashboard

First off there is no distinction between present and past elections.
I clicked on BUIP180 to confirm it was old.
I clicked back
I clicked on BUIP 182

Below is what i see:
Note: I can see i am registered to vote. (In most pleases where I’ve voted you are required to be registered to vote. I think “Registered Voters” is better language than “Participants”
Note I have not yet voted see results at the bottom of page.

I Expect after the description I should see a Vote or a ballot button.

I can not see a way to vote - I included my screen shots because they look different from the one on the home page.

Screenshot 2022-09-18 at 19-47-57 VotePeer - Election

After taking my screenshots I clicked back rapidly many times to get back to the forum so i could comment.
I noticed this error.
Screenshot 2022-09-18 at 19-49-21 VotePeer - Dashboard


OK so now I’m in a bind. i uninstalled my VotePeer and reinstalled it.

It wont accept my 12 word recovery I checked my 12 word validity here: BIP39 - Mnemonic Code

using the default derivation path for BCH and the same words (tipple checked) it does not generate my VotePeer key.

Thanks for the feedback and sorry about your bad experience.

I looked on my phone to vote. this is the screen I expected to be able to vote from.

It looks like you were originally running a old version of VotePeer that was not “future compatible” and did not show your elections. We generally try to at least give an error message, but this didn’t happen.

I then thought maybe I am superposed to vote from the election web page. Below is what i see:

We didn’t prioritize allowing votes from the website. The website should at least state that you should use the app. I created an issue for this problem.

It wont accept my 12 word recovery I checked my 12 word validity here: BIP39 - Mnemonic Code

You found an error in the app. I have pushed a fix. You can download the APK with fix here. Update has been pushed to Google Play store, but ususally takes a day, so will not be available in time.

Source of the error is that I pushed a hotfix few days ago for recovering WIF (private key import). I did not test mnemonic import well enough and broke it :expressionless:

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Thanks, I did notice my update didn’t update (2 days later), so now I’ll download the latest version and test the new recovery. Just out of interest, does it have a derivation path, or use one of the HD BIPs?

It uses the identity cross-chain identity derivation path introduced in Wally wallet, Looking at the code, it looks to be m/44'/473635899'/0'. I’d have to test to confirm.

If you test, please confirm if it worked, I have an open issue to document it :slight_smile:

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I wasn’t able to recreate my VotePay address using my 12 words and that derivation path

The need for funds is a downside of the VotePeer process.

@solex maybe it would be good if BU is funding its members wallets before each voting.

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Funding from the election host could be akin to confirmation of registration.
Funding a wallet could also be used as a blockchain notice of an upcoming election.

The issue I have with self-funding is the funding is not pseudonymous. Funds from BU would keep the funding pseudonymous, whereas funds from the member wallet could be subject to chain analysts and expose funds and such.

When you think long and hard about voting, it becomes obvious that votes need to be anonymous. Take the US, for eg. you can see how your representative voted, which allows for the constituents to see how they voted, but therein lies another bigger problem, it allows the representative to be manipulated or to sell their vote or be extorted, corrupting the vote.

If representatives’ votes were anonymous, they would be free to vote their conscience, and extortion would be rendered mute.

I’m not suggesting that’s an issue in BU, but I see it as an issue in the US. Maybe an HD wallet using some type of threshold signature could alow that to work.

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FWIW VotePeer supports anonymous voting with limited number of participants.

Currently it requires the voters to obtain BCH for fees externally (like from a Coin Fusion wallet). We demoed it here. There is an idea for anonymous faucets for voters to seamlessly give voters BCH for fees (it required CAPD, which is now deployed on Nexa to work).

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