How to Mute certain categories

If like me, you might want to mute certain categories of posts on this site completely, I searched around and it should be possible using

Preferences → Notifications → Categories → Muted

I will try it out and report back if successful.

UPDATE: the muting on ‘Latest’ seems to only apply to newer posts made since the setting was selected.


I find this forum software to be high quality

You will not be notified of anything about new topics in these categories, and they will not appear on the categories or latest pages.

So far, this feature doesn’t work for me. (*)

I have not tried to log in and out yet. But revisiting the Profile menu shows that it remembers which categories I’d like to mute. It just didn’t seem to take effect (yet).

(*) It hides the muted ones in Categories view, but it still displays posts from those muted categories in Latest. Maybe it only applies to new posts going forward, time will tell.

perhaps its only going forward.

If i can think of any worthy content, Ill post it in the category you’ve blocked

ive created a post in the blocked category to see if the forum software is working as intended for you