Resignation from Bitcoin Unlimited organization

ping @solex

I, imaginary_username at bitcoincash:qrye0g0t2x0u7qkmfe3v0kedtjdhk8d2hvu9kx54ga, hereby resigns from Bitcoin Unlimited membership as well as voting rights in all future elections.

June 8th, 2021


Edit: For anyone who have trouble verifying, please add whitespaces to the end of the first two sentences and it should verify correctly.


Is Imaginary_username’s vote still valid?

Have you been removed from Bitcoin Unlimited for sabotaging the project yet?

You literally work for an infiltrator (CSW) who, other that pretending to be Satoshi Nakamoto, also created a fake closed source coin (BSV) that was/is meant to sue [for completely bullshit reasons] all people who can make BCH potentially great.

Your resignation is taken. It is unfortunate to have such disagreement over direction, but I still wish you well in advancing your own goals in Bitcoin.

fair enough.

satoshi nakamoto was the best anon dev all downhill from there.

they shoulda never gave cartoon characters such as I voting rights I suppose.

but I commented because It might be appropriate to strike his vote from the record.

put a line through it.

His vote remains valid as he voted before he resigned.

Anyway, I politely ask that you focus your BSV enthusiasm onto the instead of this one.

I appreciate the politeness.

I deleted the twetch invitation.

The threads would slide down the list excepting that the reddit moderator guy flagged them which bumped them up.

I was going to remove them all but really you should just delete them if you don’t like them, it’s important to me for users to see a viable project instead of just BCH information.

I’ll try not to post anymore or participate in things that aren’t restricted to BCH support, as sad as it is.