Welcome to the Bitcoin Unlimited forum

This forum is for Bitcoin Unlimited community discussion. Constructive feedback is welcomed on all matters of BU development and the progress of the organization.

Bitcoin Unlimited Improvement Proposals (BUIPs) should be raised in the forum by BU members. Discussion of BUIPs can occur here.

Voting event announcements will first be made here and then a link posted on other social media.

This is a start of a new era for Bitcoin Unlimited.
Hat tip to @sickpig for setting this forum up!


Hey Andrew, thanks for the kind word :stuck_out_tongue: Trying to do my best.

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hello everyone.
as the recent lapse at bitco.in shows, it is certainly a good idea for BU to have its own forum. thanks to those involved for setting it up.
i suppose the voting system will move here?

Hi @79b79aa8
Good to see you here!
The actual voting system itself is also hosted on bitcoinunlimited.info, but wil remain a separate sub-system. A more advanced version has been worked on for >1 year (BUIP129), and this will get used when ready.
New BUIPs and discussions of them are here.


Thanks for setting this up @sickpig

BU might indeed need a platform that does not depend on other parties.
I just hope this forum will not be a ghost town.
Maybe some discussions from the Slack channel could happen here.

Hey BU, and good job @sickpig good timing given what happened to bitco.in

I look forward to following events over here.

Thanks everybody for the kind words.

Even thou bitco.in/forum problem seems to be sorted out for now, the idea of having an official BU forum was on our todo list for a very long time and as a matter of fact I think I should have set it up earlier .