What is BCHUnlimited planning outlook for May 2023 BCH network upgrade?

When I asked two BU members privately when does BU plan to release a client upgrade compatible with the May 2023 BCH network upgrade., I could not get a confirming answer.

Also, I could not find any BCHUnlimited development branch for the May 2023 consensus changes within bitcoinunlimited / BCHUnlimited · GitLab .

I saw @AndrewStone 's earlier comments on Reddit that BU will support the upgrade.
But I am getting a little worried that I do not see any implementation on it.

Can anyone from BU development share the outlook for the BCHUnlimited client on the May 2023 BCH network upgrade?

I am sure this would be helpful for coordinating test activities and for users to plan in advance.


The intention of B.U. is to release a compatible upgrade in March and participate in testing required to ensure a smooth HF


I’ve begun the work to upgrade BCHUnlimited for the May upgrade


The upgrade has been added to BCHUnlimited, see: